According to section 4 (3) of the E-Invoicing Ordinance (E-Rechnungsverordnung, ERechV), every invoice submission portal of the federal administration must be made available via the central federal administrative portal as referred to in section 2 (2) of the Online Access Act (Onlinezugangsgesetz, OZG). The website is a portal of the federal administration as referred to in section 2 (2) of the Online Access Act. This website offers links to the Federal Central Invoice Submission Portal (ZRE) and to the invoice submission portal which complies with the Online Access Act (OZG-RE). It also provides links to other invoice submission platforms for institutions which are not allowed to connect to the ZRE or the OZG-RE but are required by the E-Invoicing Ordinance to accept electronic invoices. Invoice issuers can access the ZRE and the OZG-RE via the federal portal. This portal does not require registration, but invoice issuers must create a user account to use the ZRE and the OZG-RE, as stipulated in the portals’ terms of use.

To find the ZRE and OZG-RE on the federal portal, enter “ZRE” in the search field of You will then be taken to the page “Transmit invoices electronically via e‑invoice platforms”. Click on the text or on the word “More”. On the new page, click on “Forms & Online Services”. Under “Related Links”, you will find links to the ZRE and OZG-RE and any other available invoice submission platforms.