During the course of developing the XRechnung standard, an address coding scheme was defined for the German public contracting authorities, the so-called buyer reference. This address coding was registered with Peppol for addressing in the transport network as the permitted scheme for the Participant Identifier. The VAT identification number (VAT ID) and Global Location Number scheme are also registered with Peppol for companies in Germany.  Private contracting authorities can therefore use their VAT ID as the Peppol Participant Identifier for clear identification as a sender or recipient. For public contracting authorities, the buyer reference is now also available as a valid scheme.

The relationship between the Peppol Participant ID and the buyer reference or VAT ID is established using different prefixes. A four-digit numerical code, placed before the buyer reference or VAT ID, creates the Peppol Participant ID.

PrefixSchemePeppol Participant ID
0204Buyer reference0204:BuyerReference
9930VAT ID9930:VATID
0088Global Location Number0088:GlobalLocationNumber
List of how Peppol Participant ID and buyer reference are related