To check whether the invoice transmission to the OZG-RE portal works, it is advisable to register with the OZG-RE test environment and to test the invoicing process. Make sure that you never send test invoices to the live OZG-RE portal (production environment) or real invoices to the test environment!

Please use the following IDs for sending your test invoices to the OZG-RE test environment:

  • Peppol receiver ID: 0204:99661-WEBSERVICEOZG-28
  • Buyer reference (Leitweg-ID): 99661-WEBSERVICEOZG-28

If you are already in contact with an invoice recipient and wish to run a test with them, you may also use their buyer reference.

Once the transmission via Peppol works in the OZG-RE test environment, you may send real invoices to the live OZG-RE portal (production environment). When sending invoices via the OZG-RE production environment, please note the following:

  • Peppol receiver ID = 0204:buyer reference of your customer
  • Your customer will provide you with the buyer reference (Leitweg-ID).