To see if your invoices arrived at the ZRE and can be processed without any problems, registration on the ZRE reference environment is recommended. Please never send test invoices to the ZRE productive environment.

You can create your own account in the reference environment. You must enter your Peppol Sender ID to display any messages sent via Peppol in the invoice log in the ZRE reference environment. This is done via the “User administration” menu in the ZRE reference environment. 

To send test invoices to the ZRE reference environment, please use the following IDs:

  • Peppol Receiver ID: 0204:991-33333TEST-33
  • Buyer reference: 991-33333TEST-33

If you are already in contact with an invoice recipient, and you wish to test with them directly, you can also use their buyer reference.

Once transmission to the ZRE reference environment via Peppol is working, you may also send productive invoices. Please note that you also need to enter your Peppol Sender ID in User Administration in your account in the ZRE productive environment. The following should be noted for sending invoices via the ZRE productive environment:

  • Peppol Receiver ID = 0204: Your customer’s buyer reference
  • Buyer reference: provided by your customer.