To check whether the invoice transmission to the ZRE portal works, it is advisable to register with the ZRE test environment and to test the invoicing process. Make sure that you never send test invoices to the live ZRE portal (production environment) or real invoices to the test environment!

In the test environment, you can create your own account. To ensure that messages transmitted by Peppol are displayed on the invoice status page of the ZRE test environment, you must add your Peppol sender ID to your user profile. You can do this via the “Edit account” button at the top right of the screen in the ZRE test environment. (Note: you must be logged into your “Natural person” account.)

Please use the following IDs for sending your test invoices to the ZRE test environment:

Peppol receiver ID: 0204:991-33333TEST-33

Buyer reference (Leitweg-ID): 991-33333TEST-33

If you are already in contact with an invoice recipient and wish to run a test with them, you may also use their buyer reference.

Once transmission via Peppol works in the ZRE test environment, you may send real invoices to the live ZRE portal (production environment). Please make sure that you also add your Peppol sender ID to your user profile in the ZRE production environment. When sending invoices via the ZRE production environment, please note the following:

Peppol receiver ID = 0204: Buyer reference of your customer

Your customer will provide you with the buyer reference (Leitweg-ID).