There are three ways an invoice sender (corner 1) can access the Peppol network via an Access Point (corner 2).

1. Connect to a Peppol service provider

You can choose a Peppol service provider who will provide you with an Access Point for Peppol. You can find a list of certified providers across Europe on the Certified Peppol Access Points (APs) page.

Costs may be incurred if sending is done via a service provider. The respective provider’s terms of use will be authoritative in this respect.

2. Use the Federal Administration’s existing Access Points

As an invoicing supplier to public contracting authorities, you can use the Federal Government’s web service free of charge to submit invoices in the Peppol network. Doing so will reach the Federal Administration public contracting authority (invoice recipient) and the associated states. Please note that only the buyer references of the Federal Government and the states of Berlin (starting with 11), Brandenburg (starting with 12), Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (starting with 13), Saxony (starting with 14) and Thuringia (starting with 16) can be accessed in this way. Costs for external support may be incurred while implementing and integrating the interface. 

If you are interested in the web service, please contact us via our contact form.

For more information about PEPPOL as a web service, see the following page: PEPPOL eDelivery Network – An overview.

3. Establish and operate your own Access Point

It is also possible for you to implement your own so-called Access Point (from scratch or using existing Access Point software) and thus deliver your own invoices or be active in the market for customers.
If setting up your own Access Point, membership costs for OpenPEPPOL will be incurred in addition to the development costs. If you wish to implement this option, you should also clarify to what extent the company’s internal IT systems landscape is prepared for this and how much work will be involved in implementing it.

Find more information about setting up your own Access Point here:  

Download document Download How to set up a (Post-Award) PEPPOL Access Point (AP)

Process sender to peppol network

When deciding between the two options, you should consider the following:

  • What is my annual invoicing volume?
    If the annual invoicing volume is sufficiently high to justify setting up your own Access Point, then this is recommended. If your annual invoicing volume is not sufficiently high, connecting via a Peppol service provider is recommended.
  • How much does it cost to connect to a service provider compared with setting up our own Peppol Access Point?
    Peppol service providers apply standard billing methods based on the invoice volume of the invoices submitted.