In the four-corner model, there are three options for invoice senders (corner 1) to access the Peppol network via an access point (corner 2).

1. Using the federal administration’s existing access point

If you want to submit an invoice to a public-sector customer, you can use the federal administration’s access point free of charge in order to feed your invoice into the Peppol network. Via this access point, you can submit your invoices to your customers (invoice recipients) in the federal administration and the (cooperating) federal states which are connected to the Peppol network. Please note that currently only the buyer references of the federal administration and those of the federal states of Berlin (initial number 11), Brandenburg (initial number 12), Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (initial number 13), Saxony (initial number 14) and Thuringia (initial number 16) can be reached via this access point. Implementing and integrating the interface may involve costs for external support services.

If you are interested in using the federal administration’s access point, please send an email to

2. Connecting to a Peppol service provider

If you do not wish to set up an access point of your own or to use the web service provided by the federal administration, you may select a Peppol service provider, who will make a Peppol access point available to you. A list of certified service providers across Europe is available here: Certified Peppol Access Points (APs)

If you send your invoices via a service provider, this will involve costs that vary, depending on the terms and conditions of the provider concerned.

3. Setting up and operating your own access point

You may also set up your own access point (from scratch or by using existing access point software) so that you can submit your own invoices or offer your access point to other customers.

If you choose to set up an access point of your own, you will have to pay the development costs involved and the OpenPeppol membership fees. If you plan to go for this option, you should clarify beforehand to what extent your corporate IT system landscape is already prepared and how much effort will be required to implement this solution.

More information on how to set up your own access point is available here: 

Download document Download How to set up a (Post-Award) PEPPOL Access Point (AP)

Process sender to peppol network

You should bear in mind the following before you choose either of these options:

How many invoices do I submit in a year?

  • How many invoices do I submit in a year?
    If your annual invoice volume is such that setting up an access point of your own is a worthwhile investment, it is advisable to do so. If your annual invoice volume is not sufficient to justify such an investment, we recommend that you opt for a connection via a Peppol service provider.
  • How do the costs for connecting via a service provider compare to those for setting up your own Peppol access point?
    Peppol service providers charge fees in line with standard systems depending on the number or volume of the invoices submitted.