Peppol aims to interconnect senders and recipients of electronic documents. Both the sender and recipient need an access point to access the Peppol network.

The invoice sender sends their invoice to an access point which connects to the recipient’s access point by means of the Peppol receiver ID. Once the e-invoice is received by the recipient’s access point, it is made available to the recipient. The invoice submission portals ZRE and OZG-RE are connected to the access point of the recipient (the authorities). Within the submission portals, the buyer reference (Leitweg-ID) is then used for addressing the invoices to the various authorities. Once suppliers have registered their customer’s Peppol receiver ID with the relevant submission portal and activated Peppol, they can send their e-invoices via Peppol to the invoice submission portals. The authorities connected to the system can thus retrieve e-invoices submitted via Peppol from their submission portal and process them in their systems as usual.

process sending and receiving documents via peppol
By using Peppol, invoice senders benefit from a uniform and central channel for the submission of e-invoices. You have to make sure, however, that the recipient’s invoice submission portal is also connected to Peppol. Please check with your customer whether this is the case and ask them for their Peppol receiver ID.
Please note: for organisations of the direct federal administration and organisations of the indirect federal administration as well as organisations of the (cooperating) federal states connected to the OZG-RE portal, the Peppol participant ID is composed of a prefix and the buyer reference: “0204:buyer reference”. In the case of other federal states, the Peppol participant ID and the buyer reference may differ.