Peppol’s aim is to connect senders and recipients of electronic documents with one another. For this, senders and recipients require a so-called Access Point to gain access to the Peppol network.

The invoice sender sends their invoice to an Access Point. This reaches the recipient’s Access Point by means of the Peppol Participant ID. When the invoice is provided on the recipient’s Access Point, the invoice is available to the recipient. At this point, the ZRE and OZG-RE invoice submission platforms are connected to the recipient’s Access Point. The buyer reference is now used within the invoice submission platforms to address the authorities. Once the supplier has entered its client’s Peppol Participant ID in the relevant platform, and has activated the Peppol transmission channel, it can send XRechnung invoices to the invoice submission portals via Peppol. The connected authorities can then retrieve submitted XRechnung invoices as normal via Peppol as well on the respective platform and subsequently process them in their own systems.

process sending and receiving documents via peppol

Using Peppol creates a consistent and central channel for invoice issuers to send e-invoices. Sending invoices to the Peppol network means that any connected transmission channels, such as the administration portal, the web service or other networks, can receive e-invoices and forward them to the relevant invoice recipient. For this, the submission platform used by the recipient must also be connected to Peppol. Please ask your clients about this, and about their Peppol Participant ID.

Note: For direct Federal Administration authorities, and indirect Federal Administration authorities and associated federal states connected to the OG-RE, the Peppol Participant ID is a combination of a prefix and the buyer reference: 0204:buyer reference. For other federal states, the Peppol Participant ID and buyer reference are separate.