As an additional transmission channel, the ZRE provides the option of sending invoices from the originating software through a web service and transmission via the Peppol network. The submission of e-invoices via Peppol is essentially possible in three different ways:

  1. Use of the web service via the Federal Government’s Peppol (free)
  2. Use of an existing Peppol service provider (fee-based)
  3. Fee-based membership with OpenPEPPOL and the establishment of your own Peppol Access Point

In principle, no registration with the ZRE is needed to transmit electronic invoices via the Peppol web service. However, the processing status of invoices submitted via the Peppol web service can only be viewed if the ‘Web-based data entry and Peppol’ transmission channel is enabled after successful registration and if the Peppol Sender ID used by the sender has been entered.