Web-based data entry

The web-based data entry on the CISP/ZRE and OZG-RE invoice submission platforms provides the option of entering invoice data manually in the browser. The invoice submission platform then generates the e-invoice and makes it available to the recipient. With manual web-based data entry, no special software is required to create electronic invoices.

Web service

A web service enables the direct transmission of data between electronic systems, e.g. ERP systems, in other words, between the issuing system and the recipient system.This enables the editor to generate and send ‘at the push of a button’ in the same system. A web service is provided for the CISP/ZRE and OZG-RE invoice submission platforms, which can be used to send e-invoices to the platforms via Peppol. For information about the requirements for connecting to the web service, please contact us via our contact form.