OpenPeppol is a Brussels-based non-profit organisation established under Belgian law which aims to enable smooth, standardised and automated cross-border e-procurement. OpenPeppol is responsible for operating the Peppol network. Peppol users who wish to set up an access point of their own need to become members of OpenPeppol which, in turn, gives them the opportunity to take an active role in developing Peppol. The cooperation and work on specific issues takes place in domain-specific working groups which are open to all OpenPeppol members. OpenPeppol pursues the following aims:

  • Promoting the use of electronic procurement processes by public administrations across Europe and their suppliers, using the Peppol specifications
  • Advertising and using ICT products and services to support public procurement processes
  • Facilitating the use of e-procurement processes in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Ensuring continuous growth of the Peppol network
  • Guaranteeing interoperability for European public administrations

Note: Generally speaking, any organisation can become a member of Peppol; membership fees depend on the status and size of the member organisation.