OpenPEPPOL is an AISBL, a non-profit organisation under Belgian law, headquartered in Brussels, which is responsible for operating the Peppol network. OpenPEPPOL is democratically organised. Its management is therefore elected by the members. The collaboration on, and further development of, topics takes place in domain-specific working groups open to all OpenPEPPOL members. The aims pursued by OpenPEPPOL relate to

  • Promoting the use of electronic procurement processes by public administrations in Europe and their suppliers applying the Peppol specifications.
  • Publicising successful usage examples.
  • Publicising and using innovative, Peppol-based information and communication technology products (ICT products) and services to support public procurement processes.
  • Associated with this is promoting the use of such products and services within private sector business (B2B) to simplify the use of electronic procurement processing in small to medium-sized enterprises (SME).
  • Ensuring the continual growth of the Peppol network in an open, accessible and compliant manner.
  • Ensuring interoperability for European public administrations with the aim of Europe growing together into a unified digital market.

Essentially, any organisation can become a member of Peppol. In so doing, the amount of the membership fees will be determined based on status and organisation size.