For a sender to be able to accurately address the correct recipient, all access points and the relevant recipients need to recognise each other.

In the Peppol network, the Peppol participant ID (Peppol ID) serves to clearly identify a given participant. A distinction is made between the sender ID (invoice issuer) and the receiver ID (invoice recipient). If you wish to send an invoice via Peppol, you may use the Global Location Number (GLN) preceded by the prefix 0088 or the VAT ID plus the prefix 9930 as an individual sender ID when setting up your Peppol account.

Invoice recipients require a receiver ID. For all public institutions that are connected to the ZRE or OZG-RE invoice submission portals, the Peppol receiver ID corresponds to the buyer reference (Leitweg-ID) preceded by the prefix 0204 (e.g. 0204:991-33333TEST-33).

In addition, recipients need to be registered with a Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) server so that they can be technically found. The SMP stores other metadata concerning each participant too, e.g. data regarding the types of documents which a given participant is able to receive and the access point to which they are connected. There is no need for invoice senders to register their participant ID with an SMP as long as they only want to send.

Examples of Peppol sender IDs (invoice senders):

9930:VAT ID

0088:Global Location Number

Example of a Peppol receiver ID (invoice recipient):

0204:buyer reference