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Franziska Streichsbier (Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community, BMI)

Fred Kellermann (Federal Ministry of Finance, BMF)

The joint BMI and BMF ‘Introducing electronic invoicing into the Federal Administration’ project is supported by Nortal AG and Bonpago GmbH. Consultants from these companies are acting on behalf of the BMI.

General questions about e-invoicing:

E-Mail schreiben an DGI5@bmi.bund.de  DGI5@bmi.bund.de

E-Mail schreiben an erechnung.bund@nortal.com  erechnung.bund@nortal.com

Help with the Federal Central Invoice Submission Portal (ZRE) or the Online Access Act-Compliant Invoice Submission Portal (OZG-RE):

E-Mail schreiben an sendersupport-xrechnung@bdr.de  sendersupport-xrechnung@bdr.de

  +49 (0)30 2598 4436