E-invoicing for industry associations

On this page, you will find important information to help prepare yourself and the members of your association to create and submit electronic invoices to authorities of the direct and indirect federal administration, as well as to ensure communication within your association about electronic invoicing.

What industry associations need to know about e‑invoicing

A quick overview

  • Since 27 November 2020, providers of goods and services to federal authorities under the terms of public contracts are required by law to submit electronic invoices (e-invoices).
  • To ensure that the federal E-Invoicing Ordinance (E-Rechnungsverordnung, ERechV) is implemented successfully and without delay, industry associations, as key multipliers in the private sector, can help and motivate suppliers so that their transition to e-invoicing is as smooth as possible.

How can you help the members of your industry association?

In the media centre, you can download detailed information about e-invoicing in the federal administration. This information about the introduction of e-invoicing is important for various purposes and target groups.

Media toolbox for members of industry associations

Our media toolbox offers a wide range of information materials specifically designed for industry associations. The toolbox includes the following documents:

  • A guide to interviewing an executive or entrepreneur in your association (including suggestions for possible questions and suitable answers)
  • A flyer (for example, to send to your members, offer at your offices or distribute at industry events)
  • A guide to organising industry events (for example, individual events organised by your association)

You can also direct your members to the central FAQs, the web pages with information for invoice issuers or the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community website on e-invoicing.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Write to us using our contact form.