FAQ – Construction invoices

You can find answers to your questions about construction invoices here. When it comes to invoicing, construction invoices are a special case in terms of their content, attachments and the processing workflow. For example, outside parties such as general planners or architects need to be consulted when checking invoices.

General information

How can I submit invoices which, together with their attachments, exceed 15 megabytes?

We are currently working on a technical solution for the transmission of large attachments on the ZRE. More information about the solution on the OZG-RE is available at the FAQs OZG-RE (DE).

It may sometimes be necessary to send supporting attachments separately. In such cases, please contact your invoice recipient to arrange an alternative transmission method for the attachments (e.g. a separate email).

Further information can be found in the terms of use of the respective submission portals: