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Electronic invoicing is becoming standard procedure for companies and government administration.

by | Mar 17, 2021

Since 27 November 2020, when it became compulsory for suppliers of the German Federation to submit invoices electronically, the use of the federal invoicesubmission portals and the submission of invoices to them have risen considerably. In December 2020, almost five times as many electronic invoices were receivedthan had been received in November.

All 104 institutions of the direct federal administration, as well as the federalministries and federal offices, receive electronic invoices via the Federal Central Invoice Submission Portal (Zentrale Rechnungseingangsplattform des Bundes,ZRE). In December, the number of electronic invoices received via the ZRE wasmore than double the number received in the previous month, when e-invoicing was possible but not yet compulsory.

The federal Online Access Act-compliant Invoice Submission Portal (Onlinezugangsgesetz-konformen Rechnungseingangsplattform, OZG-RE) is the e-invoicing portal available to the indirect federal administration and five cooperating federal states. It received almost ten times more electronic invoices in December 2020 than it had in November.

The basis for this positive development was the adoption of e-invoicing by suppliers of the German Federation. Many suppliers implemented the requirements on time, helping to advance the digital transformation of the federal administration. The full benefits of this development are being felt by administration and companies a like.

Information on the Online Access Act (Onlinezugangsgesetz,OZG) is available here:

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